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It is about a global solidarity

The reason I am into all this sustainability is really all about one thing: global solidarity.

According to the Swedish Academy’s dictionary “solidarity” means shared responsibility. For me, it means to be responsible for ones own choices in everyday life which affects others - both on a local as a global level. Often we are not the consequences of our choices - and then it’s obviously difficult to understand or take in the feeling of being in charge. But there we are, whether we like it or not. So maybe we should make the idea of ​​a global solidarity more important. We can not change everything that happens in our lives - but in some things we have complete freedom to select and deselect. Choices that do other people good or bad.

Of course is difficult, both practically and emotionally, to fully know and be able to take in what your choices lead to - but I think the basic idea is important: try as often as possible. And to always start from the idea that the world is international and that you are a part of it. For me, sustainability is a concrete method for just that - by choosing social and environmentally sustainable alternatives. In my everyday life, it means, for example, to consume as thoughtful as I can: choosing Fairtrade, organic and the option where production conditions are transparent.

It also means that as often as I can start from the realization that “it could have been me.” By thinking that thought a little more often, I see a different world around me. It is clear to me what I see as acceptable working conditions and a decent life - and how could I deny others to pursue it? Just because we have different backgrounds does not mean that we have different ways of looking at what we think is reasonable, for example, paid for our work or what we think is the right living conditions. I think that everyone probably wants to live like us - and then you have my choices in life based on that. A solidarity against myself and my surroundings. I believe this is the foundation for a more sustainable long-term world.

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Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

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